Bloomington Open Studio Tour

It is about to happen. Bloomington is abuzz with artists preparing their spaces for visitors, moving things about to display their works and their wares, and in my case, removing or shutting down those things that might be dangerous, like the forge, the saws, the hammers, the welder and so on.

Tidy is not the usual condition of my studio as you might have guessed. It is usually covered in slag, rust, coal, or weld splatter. It is littered with all kinds of pieces of metal that I have discovered and recovered from scrapyards. Flotsome and jetsome my dear mother would say. Drawings, partial pieces, elements for pieces as–of–yet unrealized, and inspiring materials lay at the ready to be incorporated into works. This is the studio's typical state. But for my visitors come June 8th and 9th, it will be as spic and span as I can muster. Come enjoy an excursion into the country. We are only 6 miles from city–center and located in a splendid hollow where you can enjoy the wildlife out the windows while we visit and you have a chance to see my work, my working process, and my studio. 

40 artists open their doors to the public June 7 10am-6pm, & June 8 10am-4pm. It's free, fun and a great way to support Bloomington artists! Visit for info. 



Bloomington Open Studios Tour

June 8th, 10–6

June 9th, 10–4

3320 East Robinson Rd

Bloomington, IN 47408